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The risk related to product liability is steadily increasing - it is influenced by many factors, including a growing tendency for companies to use spare parts or semi-finished products from countries where there is no adequate regulatory oversight of their production. In case of any complications, an event related to product liability can affect not only the company's brand and reputation, but also the price of its shares.

The issue of product safety has been widely discussed in the media in recent years. The consequences of a product recall can be significant for an organization's activities, particularly in terms of market share, the company's image and reputation, and legal costs. It is also worth paying attention to the possible costs associated with restoring the level of business from before losses. EU legal requirements and the lack of a clear analysis of an organization's main operational risks may also affect its product portfolio.

BTTN provides its clients with comprehensive support: from the analysis of expired insurance policies, through the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing claims data, to identifying and organizing costs. Our assistance also includes loss allocation modeling, design and adaptation of settlement systems, and negotiations with insurers.

The consequences of an improperly managed recall process can be very bad for a company's reputation. Our goal is to correctly determine the hotspots for a given product, and then to develop a customer-satisfactory insurance program for withdrawing this product from the market.