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Implementation and control of the insurance scheme

Insurance scheme management is a time-consuming process which requires considerable knowledge and experience. In order to take the burden off our Clients, the BTTN specialists offer the following services:

  • Analysis of the scope and type of risk involved in the company operations, division into insurable and non-insurable risks,
  • Benchmarking analysis with entities operating in other markets and expert analysis of risks. The relevant data are analysed in relation to best risk management practices. The applicable legal framework, trends in the sector, competition, analysis and evaluation of individual risks are also included in the analysis,
  • Selection of an optimal insurance cover together with negotiation of individual terms of insurance and tariffs with insurance companies,
  • Placing of risks with appropriate insurers,
  • Conclusion of final insurance policies.

Daily administration of the insurance scheme

  • Assistance in the collection of documents.
  • Individual verification of insurance documents.
  • Monitoring the progress of insurance and adjustment of the cover to the changing risk conditions, changes in the company's operations and the legal environment.
  • Continuous management of the entire policy portfolio, together with the control of timely payment of instalments and renewals.

Claims handling assistance

  • Development and implementation of claims handling procedures.
  • Training of employees in the procedure adopted in the case of a claim.
  • Technical evaluation of claims reports.
  • Negotiations of dates and amounts of the damages paid.

If a claim occurs, BTTN supports its Customers in contacts with the insurance company concerning compensation claims. We employ a team of claims handling specialists, effectively negotiating with insurers, thanks to which we can obtain the best terms for our Clients.