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The consequence of changes in the functioning of the Polish healthcare system is the pursuit of medical facilities to manage their finances rationally and to implement risk management and patient safety systems. On the other hand, the growing legal awareness of the society and a very critical assessment of the media increase the potential amount of compensation paid in the event of medical malpractice.

Healthcare organizations are faced with a variety of hazards that result from the nature of the services they provide. New risks related to, among others with: tightening legal regulations, compliance requirements, consolidations and technologies, along with traditional issues such as employee safety, business continuity and liability for environmental damage, are the main threats to this sector.

The healthcare industry is struggling with variable, specific challenges. These include, among others: decreasing reimbursement level and rising costs of medical care, increase in the value of damages caused by medical errors, frequency of claims due to employer's liability, increasing amounts of compensation, abuse, patient safety, quality of medical care, data protection, issues related to implant treatment and the growing dependence of the industry on technology.

The BTTN practice dedicated to healthcare providers deals with identifying and managing risk that potentially threatens the implementation of the strategy, operation and success of your organization.