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BTTN is a leading insurance broker and risk advisor. Risk management is a process requiring continuous adjustment to the evolving conditions of business operations. The complex market environment, the competition, and the increasingly tighter dependence among business entities make it difficult to find solutions best suited to the needs of companies and consequently to select an optimum insurance protection.

The BTTN offer includes:

  • risk management,
  • insurance advisory services,
  • insurance,
  • captives,
  • assistance in claims handling.

Our Clients represent many industries, including medium and large enterprises, public entities, organisations providing specialist services and private individuals.

The development of a good insurance solution starts with in-depth understanding of the Client's operations and their specificity, objectives, challenges, and identification of their needs. This constitutes the basis for determining the risk profile and the financial capacity of an organisation to bear such risk and eventually for proposing a solution suited to its needs.

BTTN insurance schemes include:

  • insurance against operating risks,
  • insurance against construction and assembly risks,
  • insurance against lost profits,
  • third-party liability insurance,
  • insurance against motor and transport risks,
  • trade credit insurance and guarantees,
  • health insurance and group life insurance.