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Maintenance, repair, relocation and construction of new facilities for the transport, energy or maritime industries requires enormous capital expenditure. While financing projects, the government is seeking support from private sector organizations, and a significant group of stakeholders, including developers, contractors, banks, accounting companies, law firms, advisors and many others, also plays an important role in their implementation.

BTTN perfectly understands the nature of the risks associated with financing this type of project. Our offer includes developing strategies and designing solutions that limit the risks involved in this type of endeavor, help in making decisions regarding risk transfer. We also provide insurance brokerage for entities related to investment processes, including investors, banks and other financial institutions. Our approach includes comprehensive support at every stage of cooperation - from planning, design and construction to operational activities.

Effective risk mitigation strategies require a proper approach at every stage of project implementation. Key factors that require thorough analysis include, among others, practical tactics in the bidding phase, preceding construction, and construction, operational and project management itself.