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BTTN prepares an optimal insurance solution for each client through in-depth understanding of the Client's operations and their specificity, objectives, challenges, and the identification of their needs. In order to fulfil this role properly, we employ specialists in risk financing techniques, with genuine expertise in the current legislation and types of risk occurring in a particular industry.

We have complete knowledge of the insurance market and the financial situation of insurance companies, because their credibility and stability plays a key role in the bid selection process.

  • Comprehensive analysis of the current insurance scheme.
  • Identification and evaluation of risks and threats arising from the Client's operations.
  • Proposal of optimum solutions of an insurance scheme.
  • Analysis of offers of various insurance companies, recommendation of the best proposals.
  • Placing of risks with appropriate insurers.

BTTN develops an insurance scheme ensuring the optimal balance between the insurance cover and its cost. It provides its Clients with recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness of the cover and protection against risk.