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The dynamic economic situation, demand and large investments in the construction sector entail the risk of various types of claims occurring frequently. Proper evaluation of such a risk and creating matching forms of security are among the key challenges faced by the investing companies.

We help to increase the return on your investments, providing - inter alia - the following services:

  • risk management, including evaluation of project performance risk (delays, acts of force majeure, errors occurring during building work).
  • insurance brokerage for entities related to investment processes, including:
    • inwestor├│w,
    • banks and other financial institutions,
    • companies, architectural offices, design and management offices,
    • developers,
    • construction companies, ,
    • other participants of the investment process.
  • due diligence audit, design and benchmarking analysis of the construction and assembly insurance schemes.

Thanks to our experience in providing extensive services to the construction sector, we can offer our Clients optimal solutions and products.

Our range of services includes:

  • CAR/EAR insurance - construction and assembly insurance is based on the all risks formula. The insurance taken up for the duration of the contract will secure the entire investment process: the constructed facilities and assembly, regardless of the type, technology and method of execution, the equipment used, fittings and construction base. CAR/EAR cover all the participating entities - the investor, the substitute investor, the general contractor, the subcontractors and SPVs.
  • Construction and assembly risks - targeted policies offer tight security for the construction process risks. Their concentration in the hands of the investor will provide the insurance protection of the work of all contractors and suppliers, ensuring minimisation of threats, including those resulting from inadequate limits or scopes of liability. Policies are also a tool for controlling the insurance-related costs. They prove useful in supervising the timely completion of performance, ensuring financing in the case where the contractor has left the building site. They also involve the investor's priority right with regard to obtaining compensations and control over their distribution.
  • ALOP/MLOP - assembly loss of profit insurance (ALOP) arising during the execution or machine loss of profit insurance (MLOP) covers the losses or increased costs of the investor's activity arising from the delay in the commissioning of the investment. The catalogue of the insured events includes also disruption during phasing, interruptions in the execution, incorrect transport or property storage method.
  • Third-party liability insurance policy - the third-party liability policy of the investor covers both the operations of the investor and those of all the entities (contractors, contract engineers, design engineers etc.) involved in the construction process. Complex insurance of investments and their financing - Complex Project Insurance (CPI) and "Credit Enhancement for Project Finance"
  • Insurance guarantees - they protect the investor's interests regarding the correct performance of the relevant contract obligations by contractors. The most popular guarantees include provisions for advance payment refund, timely performance or removal of defects and faults.